Saturday, April 12, 2008


MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY and KATE HUDSON are looking for a third romantic comedy to do together - even though the punctual movie hunk can't stand the actress' tardiness.
The pair has played lovers on the big screen in hit films Fool's Gold and How To Lose A Man In 10 Days, and now MCConaughey admits they're looking to make it a trilogy.
But first he has to learn to deal with free spirit Hudson's late arrivals.
She says, "He can't stand it when I'm late. It drives him crazy when I'm late. And every time I come to an appointment he just looks at me and he tells me I'm tardy.
"Every time I'm, like, 10 minutes late, he pulls this little face."
But, despite that, she can understand why MCConaughey wants to work with her again: "We are super close and we just, for some reason, really connected from the first movie we did.
"It continues and, like any good relationship you have with your friends, it can drive you a little crazy... We drive each other crazy, but in a good way - in a sort of loving way."
MCConaughey admits he's just looking for the right script: "We haven't found the thing yet but obviously we are keeping an eye out."

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