Friday, April 18, 2008

Kate Gets A Surprise

Kate Hudson had a little unwanted early birthday cheer this week in Boston.

The bubbly actress doesn't turn 29 until Saturday, but she was surprised (apparently by the woman who owns the mansion where she is currently filming "Bride Wars") with a bizarre cake that didn't go down too well.

"I saw the cake," says an on-set snitch. "It was weird, in the shape of a woman/snake/lizard kneeling. The company who made it applied a photo of Kate's head to the cake - it looks like something they probably got from Us magazine."

Sounds, um, interesting.

"Kate accepted the cake halfheartedly, but didn't eat it. It was found under some crew jackets and garbage when the crew was wrapping up."

To be fair, more cake is the last thing Hudson would want while making this film.

Laughs the snitch: "The day before, she had spent the whole day working on a scene where all she did was eat wedding cake!"

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