Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Hollywood star KATE HUDSON is glad she is a strict mother - because her son RYDER has become the perfect child.
The Almost Famous beauty chose to strongly discipline her child - with ex-husband Chris Robinson - because her mother Goldie Hawn let her run wild as a kid.
And the Fool's Gold star thinks her tough tactics have paid dividends because the four-year-old is so well behaved.
She says, "When I had Ryder, suddenly there were a lot of rules. I'm much stricter about things like manners than I thought I'd be. My mom wasn't strict at all.
"He had a couple (of tantrums). He had a couple and I would just stare at him and wait. He would realise I wasn't doing anything - unaware I trying desperately to remain calm inside - and he would stop. It worked."

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