Thursday, April 3, 2008

Hudson's Sleep Relief From Son

Hollywood actress Kate Hudson was almost forced to delay filming on new movie Fool's Gold, after her young son Ryder gave her a black eye on the eve of the movie's shoot.

The Almost Famous star admits the four-year-old - from her marriage to Black Crowes rocker Chris Robinson - is a troubled sleeper, and when he climbs into bed with her, she is often left with injuries from his constant "thrashing".

So she is thankful to spend some time away from the youngster, because it means she is able to get a decent night's sleep.

She says, "I can have a deep sleep on the plane - something I can never do at home because Ryder comes into bed with me every night."

"Ryder is such a thrasher, he falls out of bed at least once a week. One night - before the first day of shooting in Australia - he'd hit my eye so hard with his heel that I thought I was going to have a shiner (black eye) in the morning."

"Not great to turn up on the first day of work with a black eye. I put ice on it all night! I woke up every hour because it kept melting - otherwise I would have been a complete mess!"

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